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KITH is dropping the first delivery from its Summer 2015 collection, which offers a distinct take on the season's most classic items. 

The brand puts a sportswear-inspired touch on a number of essential items, like button-up shirts, windbreakers, pullovers, and shorts. The shirts are given an edge here by stripping away the collar and rolling with a curved hemline. Outwear is either color-blocked, in a reference to classic maritime imagery, like it is on the brand's Sailing Jacket, or features a bold avian pattern on an elongated windbreaker. KITH founder Ronnie Fieg's signature athletic twist is also seen on shorts and pullovers that are made out of mesh. 

Delivery one of KITH's Summer 2015 collection, which you can check out below, will be available on June 6 at 11 a.m. EST at its Manhattan location and website. Watch for delivery two to drop later this month.