While speaking at Cannes today, Kim Kardashian revealed that she's struck a deal for legendary Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld to both appear and contribute to her mobile game, Kim Kardashian Hollywood, according to the Daily Mail.

Not only will Lagerfeld have an avatar in the game, the platform will also feature his storefront and some of his clothes. The fact that Lagerfeld is involved at all is a bit shocking. The famous curmudgeon seemed to be insulted at the very thought he would be involved in something like Zoolander 2.

Kardashian's game has been ludicrously successful, though, with profits pegged somewhere in the $200 million neighborhood. "I thank Kanye every day for making me do that deal," Kardashian said. 

The partnership with Lagerfeld is the start of what Kardashian hopes will be an influx of fashion and beauty brands in her game. She is pitching more to join in. When Lagerfeld does appear as an actual character, he will join people like West and André Leon Talley who have been added to the platform.