Customs king Just Don is partnering with Mitchell & Ness in the "city of lights," kicking off a Pop-Up event-meets-shop in Paris. The event which runs from Friday, June 26 to Saturday, June 27 will feature exclusive products and collaborations between both parties.

Situated at 130 Rue de Turenne, the pop-up installation is brief, but not without quality goods. All the hats are dropping for a 440 Euros each (which, while a decent chunk of change, isn't too far away from Don's typical price point).



This includes a Paris-exclusive cap, which is emblazoned with a "fleur-de-lis"—a classic symbol of French royalty, and culture.



As Don C said of the event: 

"I am excited to continue to evolve with Mitchell & Ness. We have various styles as well as some just-for-Paris exclusives. The pop up also carries authentic Mitchell & Ness Jerseys as well as their new authentic shorts which I remixed and am showcasing to my retail accounts."




If you happen to be in the city of lights (shouts to Paris Fashion Week) we advise you hit up the short-lived installation before it—and the shop's product—is gone.