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I don't know the last time you wore a blazer or the next time you're going to, but if I had my way, I would wear this Junya patchwork blazer all the time. I'd be the fucking asshole wearing a blazer at times when I shouldn't be and most definitely spill some food and stain it within the first week of ownership. That's how it usually goes in my part of the world: buy something nice, immediately ruin it. But this is a real beauty. The item description reads: "When you spend enough time with this piece, you realize it stops being an article of clothing and becomes a straight up work of art." It only took me about three seconds to realize that, which is obviously part of the reason it costs about $3,000. This is the type of shit you look at, really want, see the price and immediately just shut down your browser in shame and disgust. Or you start to fantasize about it somehow reaching the worlds of 80% off clearance discount at the end of the season. It never will, but stranger fantasies have happened, so you hold out hope that physically manifests into the pose seen in the first slide.