John Mayer owns a lot of visvim, a fact we've explored extensively, adding up the cumulative total of every piece he owns until the price made us so sick to our stomachs that we threw up all over our trash fits. Well, GQ caught up with Mayer this week to talk about his evolution from sneakerhead to full-on visvim devotee. We've heard rumblings about his mythical storage unit where he keeps one of everything vis have ever made and he more or less confirms the rumor here: "I've been known to keep things on ice, and there's a rather extensive collection in a storage space that's not in Florida. It's in California." Talking about doing menswear "the right way," it's clear he knows his shit and is not a poser.

Mayer admits that his sneakerhead and Rolex collecting days are behind him. The entire interview is a treasure trove of quotables from the already legendary Mayer about how the intricacies of fashion nerdism is misunderstood by the general public, especially when it comes to his enormous robe collection: "So I have a lot of old robes. A lot of Tibetan robes, and it'll end up in People magazine that I was wearing a bathrobe. And it's like, 'Well, actually it's a totally hand-painted, natural dye...It's made with real indigo and crushed up ladybugs!'" Mayer also chats about his method to crafting an outfit, allowing himself a certain amount of "flair points" per 'fit—if you wear a fancy hat, that's most of your flair, so the rest of the look has to be more neutral. That's actually a pretty solid rule.

He also dishes on how layering is more directed toward heavier guys, which included himself just a few years ago: "Well, wearing layers is sort of like—just trying to get out of it by way of subterfuge. And then you get healthy again, and you put on your white tee and jeans and you're like bam!" You really need to read the full interview.