In its purest form, Jil Sander creates the absolute cleanest forms of the menswear staples we know and love. This concept is fully fleshed-out in the house's collaboration with Uniqlowhich set out to create the ultimate uniform. 

However, for Spring/Summer 2016, designer Rodolfo Paglialunga is giving the essentials a utilitarian bend and experimenting with different textures and materials. Traditional outwear pieces, such as parkas and trench coats, are remade here with nylon and canvas, and billow out like parachutes. Even suits are given a technical spin with the same nylon material as well as belts and clips that actually look like a parachute transformed. Sander also offers cropped shorts, denim with Japanese patches, and strategically patterned shirts that are meant to create sharp lines throughout the outfit. All of these pieces are equipped with functional details that stand out, like multiple pockets, name tags, and adjustable straps.

By playing with materials and proportions, Paglialunga maintains the house's restrained aesthetic while also offering something a bit more experimental.

Check out all of Jil Sander's Spring/Summer 2016 collection below.