Italian police have executed a huge crackdown on sites selling counterfeit goods, Reuters reports. The country's finance police have shut down 410 websites that were profiting off fake luxury items, like Prada handbags and Patek Philippe watches. 

Stopping the counterfeit market is a huge priority for Italian authorities since the country's high-fashion clothing and accessories business contributes an estimated 60 billion euros to its economy. In addition to blocking the illegal websites, raids took place in 11 cities across Italy. 

Counterfeits in Italy are a massive problem and the finance police reported the seizure of over 3 billion euros worth of fake, illegal goods in 2014. The knockoff business not only has a negative effect on the economy but also impacts "job losses, tax evasion, connections with organized crime, exploitation of minors, security, health and damage to consumers," Italian police said. 

Counterfeits affect the whole of the industry, and some of the biggest in recent history involve hundreds of millions worth of knockoff Nikes, Louis Vuittons, and even Under Armour.