“If someone's coming from more of a Uniqlo or an Old Navy sort of mindset it can be hard to understand why a coat is $800, but for me, it's like: You may buy ten coats from the Gap or Banana Republic, but if you're only gonna wear this one, then truly you'll end up spending less on the Barena coat, which will be classic and which will not fall apart. The craftsmanship is there, the buttons aren't going to pop off, and all of our customers who came in initially with those sort of price questions over the couple of years they've come to understand why. You can go into the history of COMME des GARÇONS and explain their process and why this blazer is $3,000, but a lot of it is in the touch and the feel of the garment—it's very apparent. There's only so much I can tell you: 'Oh, its made in Japan. Oh, it took this long to produce.' The customer has to put it on and feel it and look amazing, so that value has to be self-evident.”