Video lookbooks are typically bullshit. I don't like them at all even though they probably require more work to produce than a simple photoshoot on a white seamless background. Like, just hit us the .zip so we can extract these images and get some pageviews off. While this H&M video lookbook for F/W 15 isn't the rare blockbuster like, say, Rag & Bone F/W 15, it is actually pretty solid. I definitely don't hate it. I also don't hate how much camel we've got going on. H&M is really going in there. The bomber, turtleneck, coat, pants—all camel. Not complaining. There's also a lot of oversized shit happening as well, which is relatively daring for a big brand that wants to reach just about every single person on the planet. I mean, your basic bro layman isn't going to appreciate the big ass outerwear. At least not like you and me. Granted, it's always a crap shoot in determining what's gonna ultimately make it into a mall near you. Anyway, between all the camel, bouclé and ginormous outerwear, H&M F/W 15 should have that ski trip where you inevitably forget something important covered.