In the '70s, gangs adopted a rigid dress code: "You must at all times have black jeans... motorcycle jackets, and on top of the motorcycle jackets were denim jackets—cut sleeves," according to former gang member Lorine Padilla. However, even though most of the gang members adhered to this wardrobe, many customized their outfits to declare which crew they were running with. Individuals would sew letters and large insignias on the back to mark their affiliation, and the fronts of their denim jackets would be covered in various patches. "The art of customizing, hip-hop got that from the so-called gangs," says Popmaster Fabel. In Fresh Dressed, the legendary b-boy takes the viewer through the process of taking a jacket and making its one own through a series of handcut letters, carefully chosen patches, and other unique details, like laces, beads, and studs.

Today, the art of customization is everywhere from Kanye West sewing patches onto otherwise standard bomber jackets and Pharrell drawing all over Timberlands, adidas sneakers, and jackets.