We don't typically condone the world of knock-offs. In almost every situation, the real thing is the preferred route. But sometimes, the appeal of a cheaper alternative is too strong to resist and this may be one of those situations. Gustin is a sort of new world clothing company. It mocks up and samples designs for potential items and customers who want to buy that piece pay the price for it, but the piece will only be created if it reaches sufficient funding. Gustin recently launched a campaign to get its Italian-made sneakers funded and it doesn't take a keen eye to realize that these are literally Common Projects Achilles. And sure, there are plenty of Common Projects-inspired sneakers out there, but this white low-top is 99% identical, the missing 1% being CP's signature gold foil numbering system on the side of the sneaker. The only branding here is on the inside of the tongue and stamped in the footbed. The kicker is that they're only $149, despite the typical CP knock-off still ending up around $250-300 in my experience. Gustin is also trying to fund a couple of Horween version high-tops that, not surprisingly, rip off another CP model, the Tournament high. I'm not saying Gustin purposely knocked off Common Projects, but I'm not not saying that. I'm also not explicitly telling you to pony up for these because that might be viewed as unethical, but I'm not not saying that either. As always, the choice is yours.