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"Olive oil is like the natural thing that you can use that you can get from like a basic store, especially for black guys who have natural hair, like a little curl or a tape up or a blowout, you  know what I mean? Sometimes they come in with their hair super dry which is like all men, black or white, they're very low maintenance, they don't know what to use, they kind of just lean towards what their friend recommends or what their girlfriend recommends or what they read but you know, sometimes if you can't find, I tell my black clients that if you can't find a product that actually works for your hair then you can lean towards the natural stuff which do actually work, you just have to find the right product. I try to keep them posted on like castor oil, black ash oil, the Jamaican lime product—it's like an African brand, they just created a like castor oil that has like scented rosemary or coconut or you could say lavender, because castor oil doesn't really have a good smell to it, it stinks. But castor oil is so good , it keeps you hair hydrated and at the same time moisturized and shiny, you now it's really good for black hair.

"So if they don't like the Blind Barber product, I’ll recommend something like that with a leave in. I try give as much tips to African American guys who walk into Blind Barber because it's something totally new to them, they're so used to the black culture and the black barbershop vibe and Blind just offers so much more and you know seeing a barbershop that has their own brand is something new to them and to be honest, they're probably used to using what they've seen inside a hood barbershop so I try to relate to what they're used to seeing and what we have now and try and figure out that middle ground that they can find the right product for their hair type. I try be as helpful as I can to be honest."