"Oh my god, I see so many. Beard trims? Oh my gosh, a lot of guys walk in with, like they come in because they're like oh my god I messed up my beard or I tried to taper it up or like clean the neck and I totally cut into it or like the back of the neck, they'll say “oh I told my girlfriend to clean my neck up and she went too high” or “I tried to do it in a double mirror and it just didn't work out” and they kind of cut into their haircut. So we have a few of those who come in and we have to fix their beard, we have to fix the back of their neck, taper it in. They try to maintain it at home but sometimes a lot of our clients, of course men, don't realize that it's way harder to maintain things, to keep your beard looking really nice or if you like it tapered in or sharp lines it's kind of hard to keep up at home so you know we have a lot of guys who come in who want us to fix their mistakes which is mostly their beard and the back of their neck."