"A lot of black guys I feel come in and cut their hair off in the summer, it gets a bit too much. They'll grow out their fros, like their hair into fros or they'll do like a faux hawk and then like summer time comes they're like, just give me a Caesar. Yeah I feel more and more people are gong back to Caesars which is really cool, I grew up seeing Caesars all the time you know as I got into beauty and grooming I realized that there are so many different men's haircuts and I feel like this past fall its been like faux hawks and parts and more classic cuts and I feel like a lot of guys are going back to this like buzz you know? I haven't seen the waves action come back yet buy just like kinda just clean, a little taper on the sides, sideburns, going into like the Caesar, taper on the neck still but you could basically still call it a Caesar."