Keeping track of all your passwords can be kind of overwhelming. But, what if you could secure your information with emojis instead? A company called Intelligent Environments has developed a way to do just that, with a range of 44 emojis that can be used as a passcode for banks. The new picture password is not only more fun than the usual 10 digit number system, but it can create a safe combination that is stronger and easier to remember. 

"Four emoji’s in a row can be remembered as a story – that would be random for anyone else.  And a story is far easier to remember than a random set of numbers because it is how we think.  So the Emoji Passcode is more memorable than a normal passcode because it’s designed for the way our brains work rather than in spite of it," wrote Clayton Locke in the company's press release.

Just four of the new character options would create 3.5 million possible arrangements, compared to the typical six-digit code that only offers 590 thousand. Although no banks have signed on yet, you might want to start thinking now about what emoji combo could successfully protect your riches.