We’re all human, and we all mistakes—especially when it comes to fashion. Ever rock a popped collar? How about a cringe-inducing visor? Or the ultimate sartorial sin: socks with sandals?

There are countless faux pas that we all need to avoid, but have you ever wondered what fashion mistakes are the most common among today’s men? Well, thanks to a recent survey conducted by Fractl for eBay Deals, we now have an idea.

As a part of its ultimate style guide, the company asked over 1,000 people which style fails they deemed the most frequent and offensive. Turns out overly accessorized men was considered the worst, followed by slogan tees with ironic graphics/phrases. The list also includes pattern mixing, dad jeans, ill-fitting dress shirts, and running shoes with suits, which came in second among men when asked which style mistake they've personally committed. Now, we don't want to take full responsibility for the latter fail, but we're owning up to the fact that we totally endorsed it at one point. Remember back in 2012 when we encouraged you to rock some sneakers with blazers? Or how about in 2011 when we made a list of the best sneakers to pair with a suit? Like we said, we all make mistakes.

If you happen to be guilty of these fashion crimes, no worries. The survey is supplemented by “fix-its,” which provide remedies for these common mistakes.

Check out figures from the report in the graphic below. There’s a lot of useful information included, so you might want to take notes.