Drake's unique collaboration with Sotheby's, entitled "I Like It Like This," has been well-received. Now, the rapper is sitting down with the prestigious auction house to discuss his motives behind the pairings and how music and art is connected. 

For those that don't know, Drizzy worked with Sotheby's to match paintings from famous artists, like Jean-Michel BasquiatKehinde Wiley, and Anthony Hamilton, with music. "It was about being the bridge between this institution... and kids who are into music," Drake says in the video. "My goal was to try and not make both worlds seem so distant." 

The connection between art and music has long been there for Drake, and he called finding visual representations for some of his favorite songs "amazing. That's really what I get from art and how I'm inspired," he says. 

Drake, who attended the show's opening, also talked how the gallery's unique vibe could help the art world shed its stuffy reputation. 

Hopefully, Drake will dive deeper into the art world by doing something like this and collaborating directly with artists in the future. For now, watch him talk about the current Sotheby's exhibit above.