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When Don C released his first collection of JustDon hats, it was a game changer. They redefined how street accessories could blur the line between casual and luxury with innumerable impersonators following suit. Don C has made his mark on all manner of street fashion sectors, not least of which was his pair of Air Jordan IIs earlier this year, and he’s about to make his next leap.

Taking to his Instagram this afternoon, Don C revealed his upcoming collection of shorts. After exploring on his own, and setting up his production process to be just right, he’s almost ready for a limited release. “My version of what swag on court should be with functionality you need off the court,” he says.

With authentic meshes and branding, the shorts also feature prime zippered pockets, and drawstrings that were expected to be made out of only the best materials. Don C’s bold take on branding makes for sorts that are more vibrant than what we see of court, but on par with what we’ve come to expect from him and his brand.

He gave no info about release yet, but stay tuned. 

[via chicagodonc on Instagram]