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I like to scour the Internet and find lesser known brands to highlight on the Pins because I am a man of the people and lately, I've come across a few that have really struck a chord with me. You can go ahead and add Demo to that list you're definitely not making. The Hong Kong-based brand has this sort of casual take on Dior Homme or Thom Browne designs that look really good. This nice mixture of upscale and casual is super popping right now. Everyone wants to look like they just rolled out of bed, but could also be attending an auction at Sotheby's to drop coinage on a pair of vintage John F. Kennedy golf clubs. That means clean wools and minimal detailing and Demo has that shit in spades. The topcoats take more inspiration from suiting than typical outerwear and even the pants are simpler takes on formality. I hate the typical cotton jogger with an elastic cuff, but when you do it in a different material as brands have been lately, it works much better and, dare I say, grown up. Rather than like this stuff because it reminds me of Dior or TB, it passes the overall eye test on its own, which is as high of a compliment as I can pay any brand. Nothing here is too complicated or trying too hard. Okay, maybe scrap the face netting, but that can be forgiven. Demo is unfortunately Hong Kong only on its webstore right now, but hopefully some accounts that ship worldwide will pick it up soon.