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We don't usually like to give press to things that are clearly stupid. We'd much rather point you in the direction of shit that we do like or at least think is important. HAHA JK WE'RE THE WORST. Plus, it's Friday afternoon and the office is completely dead and everyone wants to go home. On that note, The Cut spoke to the guy who is literally trying to make a brand out of the Dadbod. He must be stopped. He must be stopped at all costs.

CJ Cardenas, a LA-based talent manager (obviously) who has Bear Grylls as one of his primary clients (obviously), actually applied for a trademark on the term and has been speaking to beer breweries about the possibility of a Dadbod microbrew. Listen to this dude's reasoning: "The idea is that it is OK to have a little bit of extra fat in certain areas. Living in Los Angeles, in West Hollywood, you see so much focus on physical training and a perfect physique. But to a lot of girls, it's not that it is intimidating, but it just doesn't seem real. And there's a hunger to be with someone real."

I understand the vapid nature of Hollywood—it's been harped on thousands of times—but the idea that you have to have an extra layer of fat on you to "be real" or some shit is patently ridiculous. He also has a concept show with NBC called The Island that he has branded as "an island filled with Dadbods" as well as a branded Dadbod 'Gram (do yourself a favor and don't click on that). The world is terrible and I would prefer to die in a car fire this afternoon, so if any of you can make this happen, lemme know.

[Photo via Instagram]