I don't know about you, but I always think of Carven exclusviely as a women's brand, so when I see their pieces from the menswear collections, I'm always pleasantly surprised. More often than not, a couple of pieces stick out and are a bit unexpected. On that note, for S/S 16: a bunch of double breasted shirts (which are now becoming a certified thing). There are six—count 'em, SIX—different double breasted shirts, some with cool shawl collars, some without. I don't know how or why they're coming on with such strength, but they're pretty dope. I'm just gonna roll with it. The patterns are nice too, especially if you're of the mindset that you should only have one print per fit. Some people have guidelines and rules for their alphets and I'm not about to criticize your curriculum. Also, one of my favorite things about spring is the ability to wear a long coat with shorts. To anyone walking behind you, it looks like you're naked under your jacket even though you're probably wearing more layers than the average creep. It's the small pleasures in life, man.