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For once, it seems as if the men's side of Fashion Week is more organized than the women's. Bloomberg announced this morning that Cadillac has signed on to be the official automotive sponsor of NYFW: Men's. Apparently, it's very important for car companies to throw their money behind fashion considering that Mercedes-Benz was the previous NYFW sponsor and Cadillac had already gotten its feet wet with New York Men's Day the past couple seasons, which it will continue to sponsor as well. I don't know why that is, but I don't think anyone really cares.

Cadillac will provide the chosen 1% of influencers who attend the shows complete with presumably pimped out shuttles. This supposedly is a big part of Cadillac's new ventures into the world of cool relevance—the brand had Public School show their F/W 15 collection in the company's new offices last Fashion Week and this new deal lasts for two seasons. We're all for it as long as it means NYFW: Men's will go off with relatively few glitches.

[Photo via Zero To 60 Times]