The Business of Fashion does these regular "Breakfast Club" segments where it catches up with some of the interesting people in the industry to talk about the topics of the time. With London Collections: Men happening and wrapping up today, BOF talked to two of our favorite dudes and street style gawds in the menswear scene, Eugene Tong and Josh Peskowitz, about the menswear market in general and what the upcoming New York Fashion Week: Men's is going to need to make it successful.

With the success of LC:M and some of the rising stars of menswear, like Craig Green, much of the conversation revolves around how talent rises up in menswear compared to womenswear. The consensus seems to be that because womenswear is so broad and wide-reaching, it is harder to really stand out. Menswear's size means that new, talented designers can be spotlighted easier. I'd tend to agree, but I'd also add that the more open nature of the menswear industry also helps. Young menswear designers aren't as cordoned off as womenswear can be.

The group also looks forward to NYFW: Men's, which essentially follows the example of LC:M. Pesko and Eugene both see it as a starting point and a step in the right direction, noting that the CFDA has worked on this for a while rather than jumping in unprepared. That longer preparation time means good things for organization when the event finally arrives. Not to mention how many big names have jumped on board with the event. With the shows in Europe in full swing, it's only a few more weeks till they touch down in New York. Watch the full discussion above.