It's well-known that being the creative director of a big name luxury brand is a fucking great gig. Many designers use their salaries from their creative director posts to help fund their own brands as their eponymous labels become more than merely passion projects. But just how good of a gig can it be, really? Well, news yesterday informed us that Christopher Bailey, who is among fashion's highest posts as Burberry's Chief Creative Officer and CEO, raked in many millions last year, his first year fully taking the reins after Angela Ahrendts peaced for Apple.

How many millions, you ask? 7.9 million British Pounds, which converts to approximately $12.1 million, to be exact. That's mostly thanks to the amount of bonuses the dude received. His base salary is around 1.1 million Pounds ($1.6 million), but on top of that he cashed in on a bonus of 1.8 million Pounds ($2.75 million). Son, if I received bonuses that were more than my salary, life would be a whole lot easier. Then there's the fact that his co-investment plan netted him another cool 4.4 million Pounds ($6.73 million). Not a bad sum for basically shilling a signature brown plaid pattern to the masses who don't know any better. Okay, that's a little bit reductive, I know. Sorry, I'm just super heated right now considering how fucking broke I am. Maybe if I was on the Christopher Bailey payment plan, I'd be a little happier.

[Photo via Burberry]