One look at the work of Pierre-Louis Mascia, and it's no surprise that his background is in illustration. The most noticeable aspect of his work is that it is riddled in prints, patterns, and colors—executed in a way that very few could do successfully. Made in Italy by way of PLM's French background, the brand makes its name on the quality of its accessories (scarves especially), but has branched out to everything from jacquard bombers, to printed espadrilles.

As Mascia says himself, his work is a collage; a blend of illustration, 3D collages, and luxury fabrics. Taking a look through his previous work reinforces this, as PLM couples sportswear block lettering with luxe florals that would seem at home on something like an Hermès scarf. But even with contemporary elements, Mascia notes that he's not playing to trends. “I have an Hermès scarf. I imagine that the designer never thinks if they are trendy. The design is enough. Good fabric, and good design, it's enough. But when I think of how to prepare the collection, I think of one way—and that's just an option.”

Mascia encourages those who wear his designs to wear them “their way.” With so many inspirations and concepts packed into every fabric, of every piece, its clear that experimentation is at the very heart of the brand itself.