The latest installment of GQ's Most Expensivest Shit series sees 2 Chainz hook up with Diplo to try on some absurdly priced sunglasses. 

The expensive frames are made by 9Five Eyewear, a brand that's been worn by celebs like Rick Ross, Justin Bieber, and Schoolboy Q, and cost $48,000. The premium eyewear features crystal lenses and 16 carats of diamonds with 800 hand-set VVS stones—the third-highest grade for clarity. 9Five founder Mike Metcalf also adds that the craftsmanship on the shades are "top-shelf." Diplo puts it best when he says, "[These are] for stunting really hard." The producer and self-proclaimed "hip-hop icon" also get a look at some much more reasonably priced frames featuring gold, marble, and crocodile details. 

In other episodes of the series, 2 Chainz has checked out $2 million diamond-covered shoes, a pair of Air Jordans and a Panama hat each worth $25,000, plus the ritzy Jewel Penthouse suite at the New York Palace Hotel.

Watch the video of Diplo and 2 Chainz testing out the almost $50,000 sunglasses above.