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Once again the pursuit of the perfect selfie by a dumb tourist has resulted in extensive damage to a priceless work of art. There have been numerous reports of clumsy people ruining paintings and sculptures at museums and galleries all over the world, but the most recent incident in Italy is a bit more ironic given the Greek demigod that the sculpture depicts.

According to Daily Mail, the tourists broke the crown that sat atop the Italian marble statue of two Hercules, the half-human with the strength of a God who is said to have founded the city of Cremona where the statue stands. 

Apparently the two men thought it would be a good idea to climb the 18th century statue for the photo, but they found out the hard way that the marble did not have Herculean strength. Police have identified the men and experts have been called to access the damage. At least it was just the crown, unlike like the recent selfie disaster in Milan where an entire leg was broken off of a sculpture by a student.