Tim Coppens sweatshirts are among the best in the game. While he's known for dropping little zippers and pockets around his various sweatshirt styles, he also knows how to keep them simple. Moy wrote about this wildly bright sweatshirt a while back that was the "goal keeper sweatshirt." This Tim C. sweatshirt also gives me goalie vibes, albeit more subdued ones. All soccer keepers are crazy by law. Kind of like hockey goalies. They put themselves on the line every game. But this one would be worn by the least crazy keeper, the one with the steely look who doesn't have any weird pregame rituals and just goes out there and stops shots, protecting the house until his team nets a goal. That's when he gives an emotional fist bump and yells "GOAL" louder than the announcer in the booth upstairs. He's the type of dude you want between the posts. If you're not thinking about which one of your friends you'd rely on to keep the ball from crossing the line in case a pickup game breaks out at the park, you're not like me.