About a year ago at this time, we were all talking about Normcore. Though dressing like your dad may have felt pretty novel, Normcore is part of a broader tradition of dressing ironically, a kind of nodding fashion that is cool because it is so uncool. To dress ironically is to tell the world you believe in your coolness so deeply that you know that wearing something uncool will make you cooler. This should go without saying, but this is a young man's game.

Whether it comes in the form of wearing a vintage Hall & Oates concert tee, a nerdy-ass plaid shirt straight out of Accountant's Quarterly, or embracing Normcore, dressing ironically has long been a staple of the tragically cool. At a certain point, irony has to stop being a way of life and go back to being merely a literary device that people don't really understand. Sooner or later, an adult has to accept that they simply like things, that guilty pleasures are only guilty to people who have too much time on their hands.

You can only listen to Taylor Swift so many times on your commute, singing along to "Blank Space" at the top of your lungs, before you have to admit that you actually, truly, passionately enjoy her music. And you can only wear that Member's Only jacket so long before you have to admit that life isn't just some giant theme party, and maybe, just maybe, you actually like how the jacket looks on you.