Full disclosure: I'm in my late twenties. If I was ever cool, I probably reached peak coolness sometime around twenty-two, when I didn't have to have a job that required my full attention, and as such I could spend my time worrying about things like what bands have "sold out" and which craft beer will tell the girl at the house party that I'm classy yet down to Earth.

Writing for a pop culture web site continually reminds me that my coolest days are behind me. My editors have to tell me about phrases like "on fleek." From time to time, I'll make a pop culture analogy, only to have it replaced with one more current. Sometimes, I read through my copy to see names that I have only cursory familiarity with, like Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea in my articles, replacing references to pop stars from the TRL era and indie bands from 2003.

While I can't offer you coolness, what I can offer you is perspective. If there is such a thing as aging gracefully, it begins sooner than you think. We all know that you don't want to be the 55 year-old man with frosted tips wearing an Ed Hardy shirt, but the sad truth is that there are some fashion items that you'll get too old for sooner than you think. As you edge your way towards thirty, you'll realize that it's best that your skinny jeans are no longer so skinny, that your cargo shorts have a little less cargo. As the years go by, looking good looks different. Something that was a staple of your closet three years ago may have to head to Goodwill where it will find a loving home with a younger, cooler man. Here are 10 Trendy Clothing Items You Should Leave In Your 20s.