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Supreme dropped news this morning of its S/S 15 sunglasses collection, introducing two new styles—the "Loc" and the "Cat"—modeled here by pro skater, Bianca Chandon founder and overall handsome cool guy Alex Olsen. Yeah, pretty standard 'Preme. But sunglasses are a big moneymaker and, last time I checked, Supreme is in the business of making money. I don't think anyone is going to be lined up around the block for these, but who knows. Hypebeasts are not exactly predictable creatures. The shades are handmade in Italy (probably by Luxottica since they produce roughly all of the sunglasses on earth) and will most likely sell for $100+ when they drop this Thursday, May 7th. The Loc, which is the first model here with that flattened top brow design, is pretty weak, but the Cat looks good by me. Need new sunglasses? Need a box logo on them? Here ya go. Look no further.

[Photos via Supreme]