It's common knowledge that hipsters are the worst. Whether they're gentrifying culturally diverse city neighborhoods, or polluting your surroundings with their unwarranted air of superiority, hipsters generally ruin everything. Especially style trends. We've seen many clothing styles fall victim to rampant appropriation, going from affected aesthetic to the backs of every other bearded dude with a man bun faster than you can say "over it."

A combination of fast fashion and the old-fashioned, general hipster style pulls from a variety of subcultures while mixing in some labels du jour. It's the worst kind of lifestyle terrorism, a bunch of dilettantes dressing to impress each other, and in the process driving trends to the ground before they even become bona fide "trends"—all while drinking their hand-crafted coffee. As such, there are certain style choices that exist in that weird time vacuum between "passé" and "nostalgically acceptable." So before your rent rises because of the artisanal sandwich shop or mustache salon that opened down the street, check out these 10 Corny Style Trends Hipsters Refuse to Let Die.

Illustrations by Oli Holmes