British streetwear label S.O.O.N was born out of a 'create something out of nothing' ideology, and has since grown into a DIY-infused label that shows off some of the best things about British streetwear.  Founder Jonny became a fan of Lisbon-born, London-based graffiti-artist-turned-graphic-designer Mr. Phomer in 2011 after seeing some of his work in Lisbon, before crossing paths with him in London in 2014. 

Working together, the two aesthetics merge into a ying and yang, light and dark side capsule collection which reflects their attitude towards working in the creative and fashion industries, as well as London itself. The collection features two T-shirts; the black 'KTGP2' (a play on the work that originally introduced Jonny to Mr. Phomer, which was titled 'Bringing Knives to Gun Parties'), and the white 'All Smiles' long-sleeve T-shirt, both designed by Mr. Phomer.

Check out the lookbook shot by Vicky Grout below, and head over to the S.O.O.N webstore to shop.