Toronto tattoo artist Franz Stefanik wants his customers live on the edge. So implemented a new system, dubbed “Get What You Get,” in which he puts random sketches in a vending machine, and allows fate to decide which ink customers will get. One of those sketches was a Drake-as-Bart-Simpson piece, which Stefanik posted to his Instagram account last week. But one man liked the image so much that he didn’t let fate select it for him, he actually requested it.

As shown in the sketch below, we see Bart rocking Drake’s recognizable fade and a large “6” chain, while the Toronto skyline serves as the backdrop. We’re not sure why the guy was so eager to have this image inked on him for eternity, but at least it’s not the worst Drake tattoo we've seen

Let's just hope he keeps "The Simpsons" ink to minimum ... before it's too late