Last night, San Francisco's Betabrand kicked off the first Silicon Valley Fashion Week? (the question mark is part of its name) with drones on the runway instead of models, The Verge reports. The drones fit right into the theme of the week's inaugural night, "electric motion."

In spirit of "electric motion," tech-inspired companies showed off items like bike helmets with built-in headlights, new fitness trackers, and hoodies with piping that resembles a glow stick. The fashion week wants to provide a platform to products like these, which attempt to combine new technology with clothing, that otherwise wouldn't have a place to be showcased. "This is really just saying ‘let’s give a fashion runway to the people who would perform at DEMO or TED,'" Chris Lindland, Betabrand's CEO and the founder of Silicon Valley Fashion Week?, tells The Verge

The event has already enjoyed some quick success. All 1,200 tickets for the fashion "week," which is technically only three nights, sold out in just 72 hours, and many companies wanted to add on several more days. "For us, it’s going to be about handing the designer a mic, and you’re going to learn how and why they make these things," Lindland says. "It will either be a funny flash in the pan, or something we end up doing annually."

Out-of-the-box fashion weeks have existed before. Christian Fashion Week recently wrapped up its final season, however it managed to last for several years. 

Check out additional images of Silicon Valley Fashion Week? below. 

Image via The Verge