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We could probably explore the etymology of the bomber jacket for an entire week here on Four Pins and we still wouldn't be able to get through all the good ones. This Sacai joint is the 1% of bombers in my mind's eye. I understand the desire for a clean, unfettered black bomber jacket. I get it for sure. But you know that feel when something is the polar opposite of that and it still appeals to you? That's what's happening right here. Normally, I wouldn't be down with the scrapped-together look, but it just works here. Also, I am almost diametrically opposed to chest pockets and I still want this fucking thing all over my body. It really looks like this was pulled together from all the materials that Sacai used this season, which is how the best works of art are created. You know van Gogh painted The Starry Night because all of his blue paint was about to expire? That's not even remotely true, but it sounds like it could be, right?