RSVP Gallery just got a new grip of Cav Empt gear for Spring/Summer 2015. And the Chicago-based boutique is showing off its key pieces in a new editorial by Zach Coffman and Jake Osmun.

Taking cues from C.E.’s graphic-heavy aesthetic, this lookbook features an outdoor backdrop with handwritten words and scribbling throughout. The imagery lends a more cryptic vibe than DIY—making it a perfect compliment to the range of streetwear threads with sci-fi references and glitchy, pixilated Internet graphics. The featured tees, sweatshirts, and headwear are far from subtle; however, they're presented in a way that keeps them relatively wearable and versatile.

You can check out images from Cav Empt’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection below. The items are available today at RSVP Gallery’s online store