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When it comes to iconic designers, Ralph Lauren is obviously right near the top of the list. And iconic designer typically have their own iconic designs. Of course, there's the man riding a horse playing polo, which has been plastered all over your favorite frat bros for decaded, but what about the Polo Bear? The plush, cuddly teddy that has found its way onto many of the brand's designs, becoming a cult favorite amongst the most devoted of Lo Heads? The Cut looked at the history of the Polo Bear and dispelled the legend.

The easiest story is that Ralph received a present from his design team in the '80s, a teddy bear wearing a polo uniform, and liked it so much that he started putting the bear on his designs. Since, the bear has come in many forms: suited and booted, holding a basketball while wearing a hoodie and plenty of others in between. But it goes a little deeper than that. For some Polo collectors, there are different bears that are rarer and harder to find than others and, apparently, the most coveted Polo Bear design is one that might not actually exist *head explodes*.

Supposedly, there is a Ralph Lauren sweater featuring a bear wearing a sweater of himself emblazoned on the chest, dubbed the "Never-Ending Bear." Many are convinced that the design is out there while others believe it's simply become the stuff of myth. One thing is for certain, the Polo Bear itself has become classic, regularly popping up in Ralph's various collections. Whether the Never-Ending Bear actually exists doesn't really matter. What does? You just read nearly 300 words about a fucking teddy bear.

[Photo via VSL]