Shout out all my 60/40 parkas. There's just something about that improper fraction that really seems catchy, ya know? This Post Overalls joint is a great coat for a meeting that takes place at a nice bistro or in a park with a fountain. One time I went on a job interview that started off in a park with a fountain. It was a cool, breezy day and I bricked it by not even wearing a coat. It was a terrible maneuver, just sitting in a park, waiting in a suit with no coat like a fucking prep school kid who went downtown after school. I was so bummed with myself that I even honestly answered the standard "what's your greatest weakness?" question. My answer being that I don't really ever want to work. Like, ever. Don't be like me. Lie about your biggest weakness and wear a dope coat to an interview in a park with a fountain. Or, just wear this thing while you secretly smoke cigarettes in a park with a fountain on your lunch break.