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The Guardian wrote this thing about how penises are popping up all over the fashion world lately, literally leaving their mushroom stamp on everything in their wake. And, I guess, it's about damn time. Like, why haven't dicks been more prevalent in editorials or on runways? I blame Game of Thrones. That show is so flagrant with all the other nudity and graphic violence and sex and I'm pretty sure smoke came out of some chick's vagina at one point and killed somebody. But they'll still keep a dick just below frame. SMFH, IF SMOKE IS COMING OUT A VAGINA YOU CAN SHOW A DICK, GEORGE R.R. MARTIN. Maybe Rick Owens is a big GOT fan and decided to send a bunch of dicks down the runway in protest. You're gonna have to actually read the article to find out. This shit ain't SparkNotes for middle school health class, dawgs.

Just a quick FYI to The Guardian: I'm pretty sure "Dick Owens" wasn't, in fact, started in response to Rick's use of literal dicks. If your name is Richard/Rich/Rick/whatever, someone will call you "Dick" within 4.5 seconds of being born, if not immediately when the doctor presents a newborn to his parents. Hopefully, now that dicks are on the cover of fashion magazines and sashaying down the runway, maybe we can all collectively stop freaking out about nudity in general and objectify the male body as much as we do the female body. Or, you know, just keep giggling at how weird wieners look.