Mr Porter isn't just a webshop, a hallmark of the modern man's closet. If you're not shopping their well-stocked and curated collection of brands, you can tap into Mr Porter's archive of practical advice to the modern man via The Journal.

But The Journal comes out once a week, and the modern man is constantly facing new dilemmas on a daily basis. Perhaps this is why Mr Porter has is publishing its third volume of The Manual For a Stylish Life. Like its two predecessors, the book is home to exclusive interviews, grooming advice, and sartorial guidance that will help you become a thoroughly modern man—and maintain that status once you're there.

While the book reveals the best ways to build your closet, your garage, and the colognes you should co-sign, you can also look to the tome to give advice that will actually help you seal the deal come date night—yes, even how to properly undress in front of a woman. 

Illustrations by Angie Jager

Naturally you should "start with your smalls":

"Shoes are your first port of call simply because by approaching these first, you'll ensure yourself against any stuck trouser/tripping incidents later down the line. Then look to your socks, making sure you store them safely in your shoes."

Also make sure you're going from the top down:

"It's important to start from the top and work your way down. Remove your coat or jacket, followed by your tie and shirt, or T-shirt. If your sleeves are rolled up, then try to unroll them, as this will save on added creasing should you need to reuse your shirt for the "walk of shame" home."

Now it's time to deal with the main event: taking off your trousers.

"Your trousers should be removed with some measured haste—why stall things at this stage? It's probably ideal if you do the first part (unfastening) standing up (let her attempt this), and the last part (kicking them off) sitting down. This will save on any mood-killing, stumbling mishaps."

By this point, we hope that your underwear game is on lock. As Mr Porter editor Jodie Harrison notes:

"The [underwear] issue is something we women talk about more than men probably like to imagine. Underpants, like cars, tell us everything we need to know about the man inside them...keep them neat, plain, and clean—cartoons or giggle-inducing patters have no place in your trousers"

While undressing isn't strictly a science, remember that you got to this scenario on your own charms. As long as you don't make a fool of yourself, you might have the opportunity to actually touch a boob (unlike that time this past weekend when you lied to your friends about getting lucky).

For further advice, The Manual for a Stylish Life, Volume Three is on store shelves today.