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If you were distressed about your lower chances of getting a job because you are an Adonis walking among mere mortals, take solace in the fact that a new study has found that wearing designer logos may help your chances of landing that gig, and many other things at that.

According to the Journal of Business Research, the study looked at how brand logos can benefit people in human interactions using three difference scenarios that involved people wearing luxury-branded clothing items. The results found that those wearing the logos tended to receive preferential treatment. In science terms: "Luxury self-display may increase deference and compliance in presentations-of-self because conspicuous displays of luxury qualify as a costly signaling trait that elicits status-dependent favorable treatment in human social interactions." By displaying your wealth, it convinces other people to think highly of you. I mean, that's why you read Four Pins, right? To get clothes that will make people think you're not actually a loser who spends a majority of their day looking at clothes online? Also, you probably need a job because you spend all your money on clothes.

The experiment even went as far as to show that the people most likely to receive help or charity were the ones who looked like they didn't actually need it, which says a lot about how straight up fucking garbage we are as people. Apparently, the bigger the logo, the better. Though I normally wouldn't encourage going to your next job interview toting a Chanel hula hoop handbag or anything, it's worth a shot.

[Photo via 8020 Fashions]