Get ready for your daily dose of crazy.

A 49-year-old English woman is catching major heat this week after it was revealed she had spent over $30,000 in welfare benefits to finance her cosmetic procedures. But it gets even more sad: According to the Mirror, that money was actually intended for her four children.

Since 2003, Andrea Dalzell had received about $200 each week for each child. But rather than spend it all on her children’s welfare, she saved a good portion of that so she could finally get her dream body, which included a boob job, face lift, Botox, and a “designer vagina.”

Although most of her children are now adults, with exception to her youngest 17-year-old daughter, Dalzell insists they never needed the money as kids, and everyone simply got by through her “thrifty” habits.

Now, this whole shit storm is disturbing on so many levels. Regardless if her children are now OK with her choices, this instance proves that the welfare system is wildly fucked up. Why are taxpayers’ dollars going towards some woman’s pursuit of the “perfect body”? And why is she so damn shameless about it?

We were hoping that after dropping $30,000 on cosmetic procedures Dalzell would be done. But the Mirror reports she has plans to go back under the knife to get a “Kim Kardashian bum.”

This is a sick, sad world we live in.