So, you want to wear mandals? We can’t blame you. Rising temperatures can be brutal on your feet, so a little ventilation can’t hurt during the warmer months. However, be prepared because wearing a pair will draw all sorts of opinions on the streets and amongst your friends. It’s the one piece of footwear with such a bad rap that it splits the opinion of many men. And this includes rappers, too. Cam’ron once famously dissed Jay Z for wearing a pair, but Hov fired back by proudly repping his mandals. You’re simply a sandals guy or you’re not.

When it comes down to it, how you wear the mandal is really what’s important. If you’re going to wear them away from the beach, you have to follow a few rules. We’re going to break down some dos and don’ts to get your game on track. The right outfit will separate you from the Frisbee-throwing frat boy or local yoga teacher look, and get you on the path to being a street-style star. Read our tips on How to Wear Mandals and be ready to throw on a pair with confidence.