Floyd "Money" Mayweather just took to Twitter to stunt on all of us with his ultra-luxe crocodile Hermès bag worth $150k. The bag is custom-made and isn't even sold in stores, however, it appears to be the same model that Pharrell owns

Mayweather just touched down in Atlanta, where he's probably going to sit courtside and watch the Atlanta Hawks begin their series against the Cleveland Cavalierswhich he's probably wagered huge on.

Making this picture more impressive is the fact people wait on lists for years to get an Hermès bag. We have a feeling Mayweather didn't have to go through standard procedures, though.

It's just the latest time Money has lived up to his nickname. The boxer had five outfits to choose from for his big fight, spends ludicrous amounts of money on sneakers, and uses mouthpieces with diamonds, gold flakes, and $100 bills in them that are worth more than most people's yearly salary.