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While boxing fans are thinking about how the big fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will end this weekend, Mayweather is thinking about how it will start. The boxer formerly known as 'Pretty Boy Floyd' is known for his flamboyance and larger-than-life persona, which extends to his style choices both in, and outside of the ring. According to the New York Times, Mayweather has never worn the same boxing shorts twice, and he and his team are still narrowing down some exotic options for what could be the biggest fight of his career.

Mayweather's tailor Daniel Day aka Dapper Dan (peep our last interview with him here) said that Floyd "brought ghetto fabulous, or what they now call urbanwear, into the ring." Day created five possible outfits with first-time instruction from Mayweather that they be "as light as possible...The issue isn’t the heat, but they can get heavy because of all the sweat and water." While most boxers wear satin trunks, Mayweather's tastes are way more exotic. "So far they have made outfits that feature python skin, mink and ponyskin, combined with ultralightweight lambskin, in color combinations of orange, blue and white; black, white and gold; and white, gold and red," writes Vanessa Friedman of the Times.

Besides the lightweight lambskin, we're pretty sure that there are much lighter materials than python and mink that Mayweather could have asked for, but then he wouldn't be Floyd Mayweather. For also had 10 mouthguards commissioned for $25,000, and one of them has a $100 bill baked into it. Dr. Gause of the company Iceberg Guards says that "it’s about style but also sports psychology, which is a huge part of athletic performance," but we're pretty sure it's only about style for Floyd.