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Digawel is what I like to think of as a "Moy brand." It's just slightly outside of my realm of comfort because it's a little too wild for me. While I can appreciate it on very high-taste artistic levels because I am an expert fashion critic, this feels like the sort of stuff that Moy would geek out over and eventually death spiral into a PTSD-driven all-caps tirade about Fruit Roll-Ups, Fruit By The Foot and any other fruit-centric '90s treats. F/W 15 looks pretty nice here though, especially the first and last fits—the alpha and omega, if you will. The cream/navy combo is very naval, but timeless and works super well. There are a bunch of crazy cuts here too, left unbuttoned, that I feel would probably look better and have a more defined shape if closed up. That's just me though. I tried wearing something purposely oversized once and felt like I was endlessly paddling in the ocean, never to reach shore again. Also, I really hope Digawel makes those berets because if there is one headwear trend ripe for a comeback, berets are it.

[Photos via Hypebeast]