I hope at least a few of you can relate to this: slip-on sneakers make it look like you have duck feet. Finding the pair that makes you look the least duck-like is a challenge in and of itself. But I think these Common Projects slip-ons fit the bill. I know that everyone else would say to get Achilles lows because they're so classic and timeless, but I assume you already have a few pairs of regular white sneakers. Slip-ons, on the other hand, are a rarer breed. If you don't have slip-ons, what shoes do you wear when you take your garbage out while wearing mesh shorts and a soiled white tee or on a run to the bodega for a container of obviously expired condiments? If you don't believe me, whatever. You have your pick of the litter as SSENSE is running an enormous sale right now and you can pick up a bunch of CPs for cheap. Don't say we never did anything for you.