In a recent interview with, Ciara spoke a bit about her wardrobe for the upcoming "Jackie" tour, being Riccardo Tisci's Givenchy muse, and how the '90s have influenced her sense of style. 

Ciara and designer Tisci began working together back in 2009, and she says that it changed the way she thinks about fashion. "I had always admired fashion, but more so from afar...Having become friends with these designers, I’ve gained a newfound respect for their craft altogether. Now I’m able to say I want some Calvin [Klein] simplicity but with a Stella [McCartney] vibe. I never used to have that mental fashion Rolodex." 


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Tisci laced Ciara with more Givenchy than anyone else over the past seven and a half years. "I was looking through pictures recently—for Throwback Thursday—and I thought to myself: Dang! I must have had over a hundred or so Givenchy looks over the years!" When asked about being Tisci's muse, she said "you’d have to ask him that. I just know our bond is still strong. What’s so beautiful about our creative relationship is that I get to see a lot of [myself] in the designs. It’s always been a really organic thing." She added that her favorite Tisci design was the dress she wore to the 2013 MTV Awards.

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As for her own taste in fashion, Ciara told that she looks up to CR Fashion Book founder Carine Roitfeld​. "She is the epitome of sexy to me. It’s something about her confidence that gets me." She also said that for her tour wardrobe, she is taking it back to the '90s and pulling inspiration from some of the decades unsung style icons. "I constantly think about the early Jada Pinkett and Nia Long days—they were always so effortless. I know that was also very influential in the Jackie album cover."

When asked about the best outfit for dancing, Ciara said comfort is key. "I like to wear sweatpants and sneakers or tennis shoes. For me it’s always a pair of fresh Jordans." Head to to read the full interview.