Unlike every other body type, when you're tall, horizontal stripes actually build out your proportion. As you cater your closet to your body type, you should realize that you best bet are things that break up you height—in order to create a visual balance. Guys with a more compact stature may look less flattering with wide stripes (visually it creates an aesthetic “stretching” effect around the torso), but considering you've got the height to compensate, that shouldn't be a problem.

It's important to note, if you're “big” as well as tall, you're better off avoiding these stripes, but don't freak out if the shirt you want is striped. If you're falling into this latter category, just opt for thin stripes instead of bars that are thick, or wide. If you're still hesitant to work in horizontal stripes, play it safe and try vertical stripes. While these are only going to accentuate your height, if you're going with a thicker vertical stripe, the effect won't be as drastic.